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Wiltshire’s only approved DINITROL® Treatment Provider

Our passion is classic Land Rovers and after years of watching them disintegrate due to rust, we had to find a way of protecting them. We have been trying different techniques for years before settling on the system we use today. We have expanded our services to offer protection on any car, van or truck. We have done everything from classic 1920’s Bentley’s to brand new Defenders (when they were still made!).

We’re Wiltshire’s only approved Dinitrol Treatment centre and one of the UK’s leading centres.

Dinitrol provide customers with a Treatment Provider Checklist so we have taken this as an opportunity to address each point on the list for your piece of mind.

Click here to read about the Dinitrol Treatment Provider Checklist

Why Rust proof your car?

If you’re planning on keeping your car for a while it makes sense to protect your investment. Rust can be a massive problem especially for vehicles used off road where mud and moisture can be trapped in places you can’t even see. Many times, chassis that look good can be holed easily with light pressure from a screw driver. Current MOT rules stipulate that you can only fail a vehicle if you can make a hole with “light thumb pressure” so don’t take the tester’s word that your vehicle is safe.

We use a multi layer process to protect your vehicle from inside and outside the chassis.

In most cases having your car treated will increase it’s resale value, increase it’s longevity and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

What product do you use?

We use the Dinitrol family of products to treat our customers vehicles as from our experience it offers the best protection possible. For more information about how we use Dinitrol to protect your vehicle please see The Process page

Why do you use Dinitrol?

Many years of trying other products mean we have a very good idea of what works and what doesn’t work so well. We settled on Dinitrol as the product just plain and simple works when it’s applied correctly.

Why use South West Rust Proofing?

Please have a quick read of the Why SWRP page and have a look at the market leading process we follow.


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