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A little bit about us

The company is owned by husband and wife team Mark and Fiona Pugh who in 2015 started Broad Lane Land Rovers Ltd to fulfill a life long ambition to work with Land Rovers. They spent a lot of time repairing rust to a standard which they would be happy to put their name to and a lot of time trying to find the best method of slowing down the rusting process and help preserve the vehicles they have grown to love.

They have seen first hand what poorly applied undercoating can do to a vehicle. From either too long between rust proofing, poor preparation, or just substandard product.

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After working with Dinitrol for a few years, in 2017 they became an approved Dinitrol® Treatment Centre and started South West Rust Proofing alongside its rustproofing specialist Garry to ensure that treatments are to the correct industry standard. Because of Garry’s expertise and skills, they decided to expand to allow all makes and models to be rust proofed.

In 2018 the company moved to Westbury, Wiltshire which allowed the company to further expand with more room to develop the existing processes.

In June 2020, the company opened its brand new workshop on its existing estate, increasing its capacity by adding two more vehicle lifting ramps and investing in over £100k worth of premises and equipment. They are now one of the biggest Rust Proofing Treatment Centre’s in the UK.

In July 2022 the company expanded again and opened an additional large workshop adjacent to the existing one to be able to offer welding and fabrication services, meaning we were able to offer an all-rounder service for vehicles that required welding prior to rust protection.

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The Dinitrol® range contains specialist automotive rust converters, cavity waxes, and vehicle underbody wax coatings which have been tried and tested for over 70 years in Scandinavian countries where rust proofing is an essential service. The Dinitrol® product is now the popular alternative to the traditional Waxoyl and one of the UK’s leading rust proofing systems.

Lanoguard is a natural product and is salt, acid and alkaline resistant. It is a dual product treatment, using a grease as well as a spray to combat rust and protect it for the future. It is non-perishing, lubricating and hermetically seals the surface meaning oxidisation cannot occur. It is gaining fast popularity in the UK for its ecological friendliness and is UK sourced and made.


Our goal is to maintain absolute transparency from enquiry to completion of your vehicle’s treatment to ensure that you can be confident and drive away happy at the end of your treatment.